Market Research for Voice-of-the-Customer Based Products and Services.


We  use a broad array of primary and secondary market research to:

  • Test new product concepts
  • Measure customer satisfaction
  • Conduct market sizing studies
  • Predict market share for new products
  • Measure brand awareness and brand equity

Quantitative Market Research

Quantitative market research encompasses a broad array of specialized techniques including choice and conjoint analysis, brand mapping, market segmentation, factor and cluster analysis to name a few.  SurveyStat specializes in quantitative market research although we also use qualitative methods such as interviewing and focus groups to support and inform our quantitative research.

Quantitative methods help insure that research results accurately represent the market or customer segment of interest.  You can’t survey every customer but you can use quantitative methods to insure that those you do survey are a good representation of the whole market.

Please call or email us with your questions about quantitative methods or for a complementary consultation regarding how quantitative methods might be applied to solve your particular business question.